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As tough as Reacher and as smart as Bourne, CJ Brink is a broken hero who comes back from the dead with one thing on his mind—retribution.


“Could not stop reading until done. Wow!!”


“As exciting and entertaining as a Jack Reacher novel.”


“Incredibly well-written, this is a book that gives us the readers great moments and a feeling of loneliness when it ends.”

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A Saint, a Butcher, and a Mother’s Pain

Getting the Fight Right

Game of Drones

The drone scene in The Saint of Baghdad is like nothing you’ve ever read before. I’ve worked for some of the world’s biggest internet technology companies and I’m still bound by the Official Secrets Act I signed at a major defense contractor.


A Thriller Writer's Bio

Michael was a thriller-writing sensation in his teens, signing multi-book deals with major publishers.


By the age of 21, his spy novels were on the bestseller shelf in bookstores on both sides of the Atlantic, but Michael was different from the other names on that shelf. He was a kid. He’d never been anywhere or done anything, and he wanted a thriller-writer’s bio like those big boys. So he quit writing wild adventures set in far-off places and he lived them instead. Now that bio is complete, he’s back at the keyboard with a new character for a new age.


Michael lives in Spain with his wife Elizabeth, and when he’s not writing his next thriller, he blogs about his life of adventure.


Michael loves to hear from readers and responds personally.So what's on your mind?

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