When a man with problems kidnaps a woman with secrets, anything might happen… except what you think.

Her dark past in the US forgotten, Cass has reinvented herself in England as an artist and wife-to-be of a crypto millionaire. But when she’s snatched from their luxury home and wakes up in the basement of a remote farmhouse, her buried past drags her back into a nightmare with no escape.


Ted, her jailer, is a collector, and now he’s collected her. She’s one of his obsessions, along with butterflies and an old movie about a troubled loner who abducts a girl so they can get to know each other and maybe fall in love. That movie didn’t have a happy ending. But Ted’s convinced life won’t imitate art. He knows everything about Cass, even her best-kept secrets. There’s only one thing he doesn’t know, and when he finds out, it may be too late…


A must-read for fans of relentless suspense, Collecting Cass is an addictive read from the first twist to the last and a dazzling modern take on survival and empowerment.


Take a look inside…


You’ll want to read this one with either lights on or doors locked.
Reader Review, USA

This is a fantastic book.
Emily, USA

This is definitely worth a second read 🙂
Reader Review, USA

A genuinely exciting and intriguing story by an expert storyteller.
-Mike Parsons, UK

Wow… a great tale which will keep you guessing.
Tanya, USA

I loved the twists and turns and the dynamics between the characters.
Becky, USA

Incredible strong story.
-Robin Hansen, Australia

The characters are visibly realistic and the action is described with immense skill.
-Grady Harp, USA