A perfect assassin, a moving target, a game-changing weapon, and a sting you’ll never see coming…


CJ Brink is about to walk away from his vigilante past when a gun is pointed at him. That doesn’t go well for anybody, including CJ who ends up on the wrong side of the law.


Facing a lifetime behind bars, he makes powerful allies who offer him a way out. All he has to do is kill his old boss, Vance Preston, the CEO of a shady private security organization. It’s a sweet offer. Preston is the man behind the death of CJ’s friend Alex. So it’s as personal as it gets, a made-to-measure mission for a trained killer like him. There’s only one catch. Whose side are they on?


Holed up in his fortress in Spain, Preston is brokering a deal for a revolutionary weapon, code name Domino. It’s D-Day minus ten. The Domino topples on zero, and the balance of world power changes forever. In a high-stakes game where everyone has a hidden agenda, one twist follows the next as Preston sets a trap for CJ, baiting it with Jeanine, Alex’s sister, giving her no choice but to turn against her brother’s friend. The Domino hides a secret to die for, and with the countdown on, CJ must play against impossible odds to stop it… or lose everything.


A pulse-pounding thriller of murder, deception and revenge, Domino Die is the stunning sequel to the Amazon charts bestseller, The Saint of Baghdad.


Take a look inside…


If you enjoy Lee Child’s Jack Reacher, you will really like C. J. Brink.

A well written story with a fast pace, a complex plot with continual twists and turns, murders, kidnappings, and some dry humor. Likable good people, bad people who meet karma, a bit of romance, and a really nice wrap up. I truly enjoyed this story!

The style of writing is perfect for a thriller. I highly recommend both of these books.

This is an intense story that has the reader holding their breath through the whole story… an incredible read.

This book was amazing, with the characters, their descriptions, and the story line excellently written. I have recommended several people to read this book.